Verizon 5G home broadband going live on October 1st

By | 11th September 2018
Verizon 5G logo official

Verizon's fixed 5G service is launching soon.

Verizon has said that it'll begin offering installation of its 5G home broadband in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento on October 1st. Customers will be able to begin ordering service once the installation is complete, with pricing set at $50 for Verizon Wireless customers and $70 for non-VZW customers. Those prices include all taxes and fees and doesn't require an annual contract.

Consumers who sign up for 5G home broadband service can expect network speeds of around 300Mbps, with peak speeds up to 1Gbps depending on location. One other notable detail of Verizon's 5G home broadband service is that there are no data caps.

If you live in one of those four cities and you're interested in getting Verizon's 5G home broadband, you can go to starting September 13th and enter your address to see if your home is in an area where the service will be offered. Early adopters will get free installation, three months of free service, a free Chromecast or Apple TV, and three months of free YouTube TV.

As a reminder, the service that Verizon is launching is not mobile 5G for smartphones, but its fixed service for your home. Verizon expects to launch mobile 5G service in 2019. Still, it's exciting to see 5G service that's launching soon after all of the hype and carrier testing we've heard lately.