What’s your favorite style of wireless headphones?

By | 11th September 2018
Apple AirPods

Growing up, I really wanted a watch that would allow me to make calls. And not just use a microphone, but have a display on there so it could make video calls. That was some science-fiction awesomeness that I couldn't wait to use some day in the future. And now that we live in a time where this is a reality, and despite the fact that I have that smartwatch, I don't use the feature at all.

But that's because as an adult I don't really want to make phone calls. Ah, the fun of growing up.

There has been plenty of ideas made famous in sci-fi literature and film over the years that eventually became a reality. Wireless technology has made a lot of that happen. Wireless charging, for instance.

And then there are wireless headphones. This is something that I've wanted to be real for years, so I was ready to jump on that bandwagon as soon as it took off. It's honestly kind of crazy to think that we went from streaming music from old Nokia smartphones to standard mono Bluetooth headsets (which sounded pretty awful!) to the much better experience we have now.

And there are options, which is great. There's no doubt that Apple's own AirPods, with its truly wireless design, are leading the pack these days. Samsung has its own offering with this design. And we've got Google's Pixel Buds, and OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones that offer the around-the-neck design, which connects the earbuds together with a cable, but still offers a wireless connection to the phone. And there are the on-ear and over-ear wireless headphones, too.

I've tried both designs at this point, and I prefer the truly wireless options. But seeing the new OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones land at the FCC earlier this week -- and with OnePlus sticking with the around-the-neck design-- and with rumors suggesting Apple is going to launch new AirPods later this week, I wanted to reach out to all of you and find out what style you prefer. If you like wireless headphones at all, that is. I know a couple people who just prefer to stay wired.

So let me know! Do you prefer the around-the-neck wireless design? Or do you like the truly wireless options more?