Chrome OS 70 brings native network file share support

By | 12th September 2018
Chrome OS 70 brings native network file share support

At one point in time, Chrome OS was nothing more than a minimal operating system that let you access various web services. As time has gone on though, it’s become clear that Google has begun taking Chrome OS very seriously as it has started to gain mainstream feature after mainstream features. Even the supplemental features like supporting Android applications and Linux applications seem more like sprinkles on top of a maturing desktop and laptop operating system these days. It looks like a new mainstream feature is coming soon though, as the company plans to add native file sharing support to an upcoming version.

Many laughed when Google initially launched Chrome OS as it didn’t do much more than open up browser windows for a handful of their services. Many were still using Windows laptops at the time Chromebooks were introduced and didn’t see the reason to buy a new device that simply gave you access to the web version of a some of Google’s most popular services. Over time though, these people needed to upgrade their laptops (and desktops as well). Chrome OS became a viable solution due to how much of our lives have moved onto the web (instead of dedicated Windows applications) and thanks to the price point that devices like Chromebooks and Chromeboxes were able to hit.

Chrome OS 70 brings native network file share support Full

So on top of that, Google has also been adding new features into Chrome OS that help to even the playing field when compared to other desktops and laptops. You still aren’t playing AAA games directly on these devices, but we are able to do so much more with Chrome OS now than we ever have before. For those who are curious about what is coming in version 70 of Chrome OS, Francois Beaufort did just tell us that it will come with native network file sharing support.

Mr. Beaufort points to a Chromium Gerrit commit that gives details of the feature that shows M70 of Chrome OS will have its NativeSmb flag to set to enabled by default.

Via: +FrancoisBeaufort