Google will discontinue Inbox by March 2019

By | 12th September 2018

Inbox, Google’s innovative app for email, has received its death sentence. Today, Google announced that it plans to discontinue Inbox, with the app scheduled to disappear by the end of March 2019.

Though not entirely unexpected, the announcement is disappointing, particularly to those who have been heavy Inbox users since its inception. Inbox marked a clear departure from the aging design of Gmail, and focused on a mobile-first experience. Featuring tight integration with other Google services, Inbox quickly garnered a group of passionate followers.

But in an overhaul to Gmail this year, Google implemented many of the innovative features that were introduced in Inbox. This merging of features led to uncertainty about the future of Inbox, and ultimately, to its demise.

Though Inbox featured some redundancy with Gmail, it’s a shame to see it go. Inbox was Google’s effort at email innovation in a mobile-centric era, and with its departure, we could see another prolonged period of Gmail stagnation.

What are your thoughts on the sunset of Inbox?