Google shares Android platform distribution stats for September

By | 13th September 2018
Android Oreo Easter egg Google Pixel

Last month, Google waited until the final day of August to share its latest Android platform distribution stats. Google was a bit faster with those numbers this month.

Google has posted its latest Android distribution numbers, which detail which versions of Android were used to access the Play Store during the 7-day period ending on September 12, 2018. Because we last got these numbers two weeks ago, you wouldn't expect much change in the latest stats. In fact, there's been no charge.

Google's new Android distribution shows usage of Android Oreo at 14.6 percent, Android Nougat at 30.8 percent, and Android Marshmallow at 22.7 percent. Android Lollipop usage finished at 19.2 percent while Android KitKat held steady at 8.6 percent. Rounding things out is Android Jelly Bean at 3.5 percent, Android Ice Cream Sandwich at 0.3 percent, and Android Gingerbread at 0.3 percent.

Google Android distribution September 2018

Unfortunately, there's still no Android Pie to be found here. It'd likely have a pretty small slice of Google's data pie if it were included since the update has only been officially pushed to a handful of phones, like Google's Pixel phones and the Essential Phone.

Which version of Android are you currently running?