Master & Dynamic announces MW07 true wireless earphones

By | 13th September 2018

Master & Dynamic, known for its luxury headphones, has announced a new set of true wireless earphones called the MW07. True wireless earphones are all the rage and the market is becoming flooded with them, but finding good ones isn’t easy. Many of them are plagued by connectivity issues and poor fit, even at higher price points. And let’s be fair, Apple did a good job with the AirPods in many aspects and most companies haven’t managed to recreate that success.

The Master & Dynamic MW07 feature stainless steel bodies with 10mm beryllium drivers inside. Around the stainless steel is a handcrafted acetate shell (the same stuff they make eyeglasses out of). This is available in four different colors; Matte Black, Grey Terrazzo, Tortoiseshell, and Steel Blue.

The fit is helped by discreet rubber wings, bringing the earphones deeper into your ear for a stealthier appearance. They’re supposed to be lighter and smaller than the competition as well as feature better signal (the things M&D did with signal on the MW60 are amazing).

Other features include 3.5 hour battery life, 3 extra charges from the polished stainless steel case (with a USB-C port!), optical sensors to pause the music when removed from your ears, two sets of wings, five sets of ear tips, and stainless steel buttons.

The earphones are not cheap, retailing at $299, but if they’re anything like Master & Dynamic’s other products, they’ll be worth it. That however will be determined by our review. Keep an eye on Android and Me for that and let us know what you think of the MW07 in the comments!