New report says Samsung prepping a Galaxy S10 model with five cameras

By | 13th September 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual rear cameras

We've been hearing rumors that at least one of next year's Samsung Galaxy S10 phones could come with five total cameras, and today another report has added support to the rumor.

The top-end version of the Galaxy S10 will have three rear cameras and two front cameras, according to a report from ETNews. Unfortunately, there are no details on what the features of the three cameras may offer. The standard version of the Galaxy S10 will reportedly have a triple rear camera setup and a single front camera, while the lower-cost version is expected to have dual rear cameras and a single front-facing camera.

It's been rumored that Samsung will offer three versions of the Galaxy S10 next year: a premium model, a standard version, and a more affordable model. Like Samsung has done in the past, it sounds like one of the ways that these models will be different is in their camera capabilities. We don't yet know what features the premium Galaxy S10's triple rear camera setup will offer, but the Galaxy S9+ has both wide angle and telephoto lenses, so it's likely that those two will appear on the top-end Galaxy S10, too.

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