Google’s latest Pixel 3 teaser may hint at color options, including mint

By | 14th September 2018
Google Pixel 3 mint color teaser

Looks like that "3" webpage isn't the only Pixel 3 teaser that Google has cooked up.

Google has launched a Japanese Pixel 3 teaser page that may give us a preview of the color options for Google's new flagship phone. The page shows a phone-shaped rectangle with a "G" at the bottom, which is where Google usually places its logo on the back of its phones. The first rectangle you see is white with a slightly darker shade up top where the camera housing is. When you tap the "G", though, you'll see a dark gray rectangle, and tapping it again will show a light green or mint rectangle.

Google Pixel 3 colors teaser

With the Pixel and Pixel 2, Google offered three different color options: white, black, and something a bit more fun. It looks like that'll be the case with the Pixel 3, too. This mint color could be pretty nice on a Pixel 3, and it's great to see that Google may offer a fun color option for those of us that may be tired of white, silver, and black smartphone colors.

Which of these three possible Pixel 3 colors interests you the most?