Moto Z Keyboard Mod has been canceled

By | 14th September 2018
Moto Z Keyboard Mod Livermorium official

We've seen several different Moto Mods that add new features to the Moto Z, including a projector, a speaker, and a battery pack. Earlier this year we saw another interesting Mod that added a physical QWERTY keyboard to the Moto Z, but now it looks like that Mod is dead.

Livermorium, the company behind the Keyboard Mod, has announced that its keyboard add-on has been canceled. The company explains that there's "no commercial interest in selling/retailing Keyboard Mod from official Moto Mod sources" and that the Moto Z phones "are very uncommon and have a very low % of market share."

Moto Z Keyboard Mod photo

The Moto Z Keyboard Mod ended up earning $164,706 on Indiegogo, but now that it's been canceled, backers have two options. They can either get a full refund via PayPal or automatically enroll in the company's next project, a "high-end and premium landscape slider smartphone" that's codenamed Q-device and has its own hardware keyboard. The Q-device phone will not be crowdfunded and is expected to launch in Q4 2018.

It's disappointing to learn that the Moto Z Keyboard Mod is getting canceled. Not only was it a successful crowdfunding project, but it was also an pretty neat Moto Mod that would've stood out. After all, there aren't many smartphones with full physical keyboards nowadays. Because the device was crowdfunded rather than made by Motorola, and because the Moto Z apparently hasn't had strong sales, this Keyboard Mod will never see the light of day.