RED Hydrogen One drops by the FCC

By | 21st September 2018

We already know that RED plans on launching its first smartphone, the Hydrogen One, in the United States, and on carriers no less, in early November.

In leading up to that big date, the handset still needs to go through the regulatory steps to get approved for distribution. Along that path includes a stop at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which RED can now officially mark off its travel itinerary.


With the pit stop at the FCC, we get a model number for RED’s Titanium variant of the Hydrogen One, which will retail for $1,595 when it arrives later this year. The model number is H1T1000, and other than that that’s all the FCC gives us. Except for a ton of different photos of the device, with a nice look at the back and front. Even the insides get revealed.

So, we’re getting closer to the launch of the RED Hydrogen One. Who is planning on picking one up?