Google Search integrates Google Feed and Google Lens, Instagram-like Stories, and Activity Cards

By | 24th September 2018
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Google Search is the company’s flagship product. It was the service that really put Google on the map. While their portfolio of services has grown immensely, Search is still the thing they are most known for. Today, the company announced a bunch of new features and updates to Search on several platforms. Let’s dive in.

The first thing is something we spotted a few days ago. The ever-evolving Google Feed has officially been rebranded to “Discover.” Google says the new name better reflects their goal with feed: uncovering fresh content for things you care about. Along with the new name comes a redesign that should look familiar with the recent Material Theme updates.

The new Discover icon will also pop up in search results occasionally. If you see it next to a trending topic you can tap it to follow the topic. Google says Discover won’t only be for new content either. They will resurface old “Evergreen” content that you have never seen before. If all of this sounds overwhelming, there are new tools for customizing how often you’ll see things. Lastly, Discover will not only be in the Google app. It will also appear on the mobile web.

Google is making Search much more visual with the help of computer vision. We’ve heard about “Stories” in Search before, but now Google is integrating them more the Discover tab and Images. These Stories look like the stories you see on Instagram and Snapchat, but they give you more information about a topic.

Search will also be getting more video content with “featured videos.” These videos show segments that relate to your current search. You don’t have to watch a full video for just the 30 seconds that relates to your query. Google’s most visual search, Images, will also get some new features. More information will be shown along with images and Google Lens on the mobile web. Just tap the Lens button and Google will scan the image and do a search on it.

Next up is something called Activity Cards. People do searches for the same topics a lot. I know I dive down the same rabbit holes from time to time. Activity Cards will resurface your old history when you search for the same topic again. You will also see related websites from your previous search.

Collections is another feature for keeping track of long search journeys. You can create bundles of content related to a specific search. This makes it easy to revisit past searches and the websites you visited along the way. It looks a little bit like Pinterest boards.

Keep an eye out for all of these new features to be rolling out over the next few weeks and months.

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