Essential Phone gets October 2018 security update with notch settings

By | 1st October 2018
Essential Phone

Hot on the trails of the October Android security patches being announced, the Essential Phone is already getting the update. Essential has been crushing the competition by pushing out Android updates on the same day Google announces them. It helps to have only one stock Android phone to worry about. Regardless, Essential is updating their phone again and this time it brings back a feature that was previously removed.

In August, Essential removed Notch Settings along with the Android Pie update. These options made it possible to customize how apps use the status bar/notch area. It was strange to see the feature removed since Android Pie is the first release to officially support notches. Essential said they would bring back the feature and today they included it with the latest Android security patches.

The OTA and fastboot files are available to download from the links below. The Essential Phone may not have the greatest hardware in the Android ecosystem, but the impressively fast updates remain to be a reason to use this phone. If you don’t want a phone from Google, but love getting speedy updates, Essential is basically the only choice.

Download OTA Files Download Fastboot Files