T-Mobile is testing a 36-month installment plan with the Galaxy Note 9

By | 15th October 2018

As smartphones, especially the flagship models, continue to get more expensive, spreading out the cost with installment plans from the major wireless carriers (or manufacturers, when available) is a nice way to help reduce the sticker shock. And it looks like T-Mobile is toying with the idea of letting subscribers spread out the cost of smartphones even more than they already do.

We have grown accustomed to the 24-month installment plans offered by the major wireless carriers, but it looks like T-Mobile is considering offering a 36-month Equipment Installment Plan. For now only that option is only available with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which breaks the monthly cost of the phone down to $24.17 per month. One would imagine that if the plan reaches whatever metric the Un-carrier is looking for, T-Mobile may offer a 36-month payment plan for other smartphones in the future.

T-Mobile hasn’t announced any major changes just yet, but the original report indicates that the wireless carrier is indeed testing the option.

If T-Mobile does switch to a 36-month leasing option, is this something you’d be excited to take advantage of? If you aren’t on T-Mobile, would you switch carriers for this option?