T-Mobile confirms 36-month Equipment Installment Plan now in testing

By | 16th October 2018
T-Mobile logo CTIA

T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan has been around for years, making it easier for customers to buy a new phone by spreading the cost of the device out over 24 months. But now T-Mobile is testing a slightly different EIP payment plan.

T-Mobile is now testing a 36-month payment option for its Equipment Installment Plan. It's currently only available on one device, the Galaxy Note 9, making the phone $0 down and 36 monthly payments of $24.17 each. T-Mo confirmed to TmoNews that it is offering a 36-month EIP option but said that it's currently only in testing.

We've seen several flagship smartphones launch with price tags at or near $1,000 recently, and at that price, even spreading the cost out over 24 months can be pricey. A 36-month payment option will help to make for lower monthly payments, and while not everyone will find a 36-month payment plan appealing, it could help to make flagship smartphones more attainable for a lot of folks. Now we'll just have to wait and see if T-Mobile makes this more than just a test.