Spotify app for Wear OS smartwatches now rolling out

By | 17th October 2018
Spotify Wear OS app smartwatches

Spotify is about to get way better for Android users with a Wear OS smartwatch.

Spotify announced today that it's rolling out a new app for smartwatches that'll make controlling Spotify while you're listening to music much better. In addition to playing and pausing tracks, you'll be able to skip tracks and easily access your recently played songs. You'll also be able to tap the heart icon to favorite a track from you wrist, and the Spotify Connect integration will make it easy to send music to your speakers or home devices. 

Spotify has also added a feature for podcast listeners, letting them easily rewind 15 seconds from their watch.

This updated Spotify app for Wear OS will roll out over the coming week. You can find Spotify in the Play Store right here.

This sounds like a great update for Spotify users with a Wear OS smartwatch. Being able to control tracks, favorite songs, and rewing in podcasts means that you'll be pulling your phone out of your pocket less, which can help you stay better concentrated on whatever you're currently doing.

Spotify also said today that it's partnered with Fossil. With this partnership, the Spotify app will come preloaded on Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatches and Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatches starting in November.