Google Maps improves real-time journey sharing

By | 18th October 2018

It has been over a year since Google introduced the ability to share your real-time location within Google Maps with folks you choose, and now the feature is getting improved.

You can still use Google Maps to keep tabs on your friends and family, and vice versa, and share your ETA to your destination, the route you’re taking, and your live location. But today’s update actually makes it possible to share that information outside of the Google Maps app.

Third-party app support is now on the table, with Google Maps bringing the ability to share your journey within Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, CityMapper, and other apps. That means you should be able to keep communicating with those on those platforms while also keeping tabs on location. Once you reach your destination, Google Maps will automatically stop sharing your location. You can also stop sharing manually as well.

Finally, Google Maps journey sharing feature is expanding to iOS devices, too.

Have you tried out this feature yet? If so, what do you think?