OnePlus 6T might work on Verizon

By | 18th October 2018

Rumors have suggested that the OnePlus 6T may be sold by T-Mobile, but it turns out that that may not be the only big U.S. carrier-related news for the new OnePlus phone.

The OnePlus 6T may be the first OnePlus phone to be certified for use on Verizon. That's according to sources speaking to PCMag, who say that the OnePlus 6T will include support for LTE Band 13, an important piece for any device that wants to work on Verizon. The phone must also be certified by Verizon, and it's said that the carrier's labs are currently working on this.

OnePlus has sold all of its phones unlocked and direct to consumers, but to date they've only been compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S. That may change with the OnePlus 6T, and that's because Verizon recently started accepting LTE-only phones, meaning a device doesn't need CDMA support to work on Verizon's network. The OnePlus 6 doesn't have LTE Band 13 support, so if it's added to the OnePlus 6T, the phone could get Verizon certification and VZW customers could bring the OP6T onto Verizon's network.

While Verizon likely won't be selling the OnePlus 6T itself, being able to bring the unlocked phone onto Verizon would still be a big deal. Verizon is a huge carrier, and there are likely a lot of folks who have wanted to give a OnePlus phone a try, but haven't been willing to change carriers to do it. Getting the OnePlus 6T certified for use on Verizon could be big for OnePlus and would be great for consumers, so here's to hoping that it happens.

The OnePlus 6T will be announced on October 30th. Would you bring a OnePlus 6T onto Verizon if you had the opportunity?