Google Pixel 3 wireless charging limited to 5W on third-party chargers, but 10W certification is coming

By | 23rd October 2018
Google Pixel Stand official charging

Alongside its new Pixel 3 phones, Google this year introduced a new Pixel Stand wireless charger that can recharge your Pixel 3 at up to 10W speeds. Unfortunately for Pixel 3 owners, their new phone doesn't charge at that 10W speed on any other wireless charging pad.

It's been discovered that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL can currently only wirelessly charge at 10W speeds on the Pixel Stand because Google has implemented a "secure handshake" between them. Other wireless chargers, even if they can technically output at 10W speeds, are limited to slower 5W charging for the Pixel 3 phones. This is the case even if the Pixel 3 says "Charging rapidly" while on one of these wireless chargers.

This is a pretty disappointing move, but Google is working to improve the situation. The company has told Android Police that it's working on a certification process through its Made for Google program that'll allow third-party wireless chargers to recharge the Pixel 3 phones at the full 10W speed using the same protocol as the Pixel Stand. 

While Google may want to leave its unique charging UI as a special feature for the Pixel Stand — which it sounds like it'll do — Pixel 3 owners ought to be able to wirelessly charge their phones at full 10W speeds on non-Pixel Stand chargers. After all, there are lots of other wireless charging pads out there that offer those fast charging speeds, and many of them are cheaper than the Pixel Stand. Here's to hoping that Google's certification process is fast and we see charging pads that support 10W charging on the Pixel 3 phones soon.