Samsung hints that foldable phone may be shown next month

By | 23rd October 2018
Samsung foldable smartphone concept video

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh recently said that the company's long-awaited foldable smartphone could debut at the Samsung Developers Conference in November, and now it looks like the reveal may really happen.

Samsung today posted a teaser video for its dev conference, which takes place November 7 and November 8, and the clip appears to hint at the aforementioned foldable phone. The start of the video shows a horizontal line that folds open at an angle and eventually opens up further to be completely vertical. We also see the phrase "Where Now Meets Next".

There have been rumors, leaks, and teases of the Samsung foldable smartphone since 2015, so it's exciting to hear that we may finally, finally get to meet the device next month. There isn't much known about its features, but one report from earlier this year mentioned that the price of the phone "could easily surpass $1,500". So if you're interested in Samsung's foldable phone, know that it likely won't be cheap.

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