Old School Runescape finally comes to Android for free

By | 1st November 2018

Most of us have fond memories of playing Old School Runescape when we were kids. Back then it was just called Runescape, but the new version had enough die hard fans dislike it that Jagex brought back the original in its current old school form.

The MMORPG has finally come to Android! After being in testing for a while, the final build is now out for everyone to play for free. Of course you can also drop $10.99 (or less if you pay for a few months) for three times the map size and extra quests and skills. But for those who want to enjoy it for free, there’s plenty of content.

Best of all, this is the same game as it is on PC. No dumbing down or limitations. You can even use your PC account and play with PC players! We praise Jagex for retaining the original game feel rather than make a mobile version.

Hit the source link to download the game for Android, or head to the App Store if you have an iOS device. Enjoy!