Project Fi may get rebranded to Google Fi

By | 1st November 2018

Project Fi has been around for a bit of time now, and now it may be getting not only a new logo, but also a rebranding.

Over on Reddit, user “moonlightclergy” published a post that includes an image of what appears to be a pamphlet that Google includes when purchasing a device with their wireless service. In this case, according to the original post, this pamphlet came with their new Google Pixel, and it shows off some important changes.

First, the logo is quite different than what we have right now. There’s a bit more color now and bolder letters. It’s interesting. The most important change, though, is definitely an unexpected rebranding. This pamphlet shows that “Project Fi” is apparently becoming “Google Fi”.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any additional details to go on here. And at least at the time of publication, Google hasn’t made any suggestions or announcements that a rebranding is on the way. But if this pamphlet is an indicator of what’s coming, it looks like we may hear something soon.

What do you think of the rebrand and new logo?