Project Fi may soon be renamed to Google Fi

By | 1st November 2018
Google Project Fi logo

Three and a half years after it was first announced, Project Fi may finally be shedding its "project" status.

Google may soon change the name of Project Fi to "Google Fi". Reddit user moonlightclergy reports that they received a pamphlet with their new Google Pixel phone that includes "Google Fi" branding, complete with a new logo. You can see the branding and logo below.

Google Fi rebrand leak

Google hasn't made any official announcements about a name change, but the fact that it's starting to appear on promotional materials suggests that the change could happen soon.

Project Fi becoming Google Fi isn't a huge change, as the service itself could end up being the same. Changing the name to Google Fi sounds a bit more official, though, and ensures that people know that Fi is a Google wireless service.