Essential’s November update hints at Audio Adapter HD

By | 5th November 2018

Way back in June, Essential revealed the Audio Adapter HD, a module that uses an ESS Sabre DAC with hardware Master Quality Authenticated Rendering (MQA). If you’re unfamiliar, MQA allows for lossless audio playback with minimal data usage. Importantly, the Audio Adapter HD also added a 3.5mm headphone jack, a huge boon that eliminates the need for a USB-C adapter.

But since the announcement, Essential hasn’t said much about the Audio Adapter HD, which was slated to arrive during the summer. In the November Essential update, however, the company added software support for the module. Could it be that the long-waited Audio Adapter HD is coming to market? It did pass through the FCC recently…

The company hasn’t given word on when we’ll see an official launch, but it seems that it may be soon.

Essential owners should keep an eye out for the OTA update, which also includes November’s security fixes.

If you own an Essential device, let us know when you receive the update?