Some Walmarts have in-store deal for Nest Thermostat E for $79

By | 5th November 2018

The Nest Thermostat E is a fantastic smart thermostat, missing few features compared to the full fledged Nest Thermostat while arguably looking better and a lot more stealthy. $169 isn’t a bad price to get started on your smart home.

However, it looks like Walmart is hosting a ridiculous deal on the device. You can pick one up for only $79, more than half off. It even comes with a free Google Home Mini, because it almost always does.

Unfortunately, the deal is in-store only and a lot of Walmarts are sold out of one of the two devices. You’ll have to call in and make sure they have them at the proper price before driving over. If they do, you simply can’t pass up a deal like this.