OnePlus Gallery updated with new design and swipe down gesture

By | 6th November 2018

In the early days of Android, updating pre-installed apps with new features would involved installing an OTA update, which in-turn involved a lot of work from the OEM and a lot of waiting for the user. However, several such pre-installed applications are common across devices from the same OEM and don’t necessarily need to be part of the OTA update as a system app. These apps can instead be decoupled from the OTA and uploaded to the Play Store instead as their own standalone application. Such an approach allows easier maintenance of the app across devices and lets the OEM update the app more frequently.

OnePlus has adopted this approach for its OnePlus Gallery app that is found on its portfolio of devices running OxygenOS. The OnePlus Gallery app is a simplistic gallery app that does everything that an average user would want from a gallery app. While not entirely minimalistic either, the app also does not attempt to reinvent the wheel – it simply displays your photos and videos in views such as a timeline view, a folder-wise view and a location-wise map view. It provides a small variety of tools to edit your photos and videos too.

The OnePlus Gallery app on the Play Store has now been updated with a newer polished designed as well as a few general bug fixes and improvements.

The default timeline view now restricts itself to images and videos captured through your camera, rather than displaying all media (like screenshots and downloaded media) for the particular date. When viewing an image, you can use the swipe down gesture to go back to the timeline view. The zoom in limit on images has also been substantially increased, meaning that you can zoom in much further than what was previously possible on the app. Zooming out is also now smoother and more fluid with its animation and responsiveness.

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