Google confirms Android support for foldable devices

By | 7th November 2018
Google foldables support Android

With rumblings about a foldable smartphone coming soon from Samsung, Google today revealed it will add official support for foldable phones into Android.

During its Android Developers Conference, Google said that it will support foldable devices. The major feature of foldables will be screen continuity, which means that Android apps will run seamlessly as the device folds and unfolds.

Dave Burke, Google's VP of Engineering for Android, said that we should expect to see foldable devices from several Android manufacturers. Burke added that Google is working closely with Samsung on a foldable device that Samsung plans to launch in early 2019.

It's good to see Google announcing support for foldable devices on Android. The concept of a phone that can fold out when you want a big screen and fold up when you need a smaller device is cool, and with official support from Google and Android, we should see software and apps that work better on foldables than they would if device makers were left all on their own to work things out.

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