Google offers official support for foldable Android phones

By | 7th November 2018

Foldable phones have always been on the horizon, offering a tantalizing glimpse for the next wave in technology. While the concept is nothing new, the hardware has finally arrived in a workable format, with foldable devices expected to hit the market in 2019. But foldables are nothing without software that’s designed to work with the form factor. The good news is that Google just offered official support for foldable Android devices.

While details are limited, Google announced the support via the Android Developers Twitter account. Android apps will be able to seamlessly transition with the fold of the display, scaling without hassle to the size of the display. Google also confirmed that foldables will be arriving in 2019, settling plenty of rumors.

While foldables are sure to face some issues at the outset, support built into Android will ease many of the bumps in the road.

What are your thoughts on foldables? Are you looking forward to this next trend?