Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now available

By | 7th November 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a big 4000mAh battery, but if you’re going to be away from a charger for a long time, even that large battery may not be enough. Mophie wants to help.

Mophie today announced its Juice Pack for the Galaxy Note 9. This battery pack includes a 2525mAh battery that can extend the life of your phone up to 38 hours. It’s also got LED status indicators on the back of the case to show you how much battery is left in the Juice Pack, and if you’d like, you can turn the battery pack off to conserve battery.

Other features of the Juice Pack for Galaxy Note 9 include Qi wireless charging support and Priority+ charging, which means that when you plug your Note 9 in, the phone will recharge first and then the Juice Pack will recharge itself.

Since it’s a case, the Juice Pack adds some protection to your Note 9 as well. There are raised corners to help prevent cracked screens, and a micro suede interior will prevent scratches. A removable cover on the bottom of the case will let you easily access the Galaxy Note 9′s S Pen, even with the Juice Pack on the phone.

The Galaxy Note 9′s built-in battery is pretty large, but sometimes it may not be enough if you’re going to be away from a charger for a long time or if you’re just a heavy user. Mophie’s Juice Pack can help keep your Note 9 going throughout the day without forcing you to carry an extra battery pack around, and it adds some protection to your expensive smartphone at the same time.

You can buy Mophie’s Juice Pack for the Galaxy Note 9 right now for $99.95.