Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T is exclusive to China

By | 7th November 2018
OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

OnePlus recently launched a new Thunder Purple version of the OnePlus 6T, but it's currently only being sold in China, and it sounds like it may stay that way.

The Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T will remain exclusive to China, OnePlus has told PhoneArena. The company says that it currently has no plans to bring the phone to any Western market, including the U.S.

This news is disappointing, as the Thunder Purple variant of the OnePlus 6T looks pretty sharp. It's possible that OnePlus may change its mind and expand the Thunder Purple OP6T's availability, as we previously saw OnePlus launch a Lava Red version of the OnePlus 6T in China first and then release it in North America and Europe several months later. For now, though, it looks like those of us outside of China will have to ogle the Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T from afar.

Would you buy the Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T if it were sold in your country?