Byte is a new looping video app from Vine co-founder

By | 8th November 2018
Byte logo Vine follow-up

We first got wind of a follow-up to popular video app Vine at the start of 2018, but a few months later, we'd learned that the project was postponed indefinitely. Now we know that not only is the project back on, but it's coming soon.

Byte is the name of the new looping video app from Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine, and the app is launching in spring 2019. Little else is known about the project, but Hoffman has confirmed that Byte is the "v2" app that he first began teasing back at the start of 2018.

Byte is offering a creator program in order to help "be the best video app out there". If you're a creator and you feel like you can help get Byte going, you can apply to join the program here.

Vine was a popular service that launched in early 2013 and allowed users to create and share six-second looping videos. Twitter bought Vine shortly before its official release and decided to shut it down in 2016, and there hasn't been a real replacement since then, though TikTok and its short-form videos have gained in popularity recently. Considering that Hoffman is one of Vine's co-founders, there's been some excitement about his teasers regarding a follow-up to Vine. Now that we've got a real name and a launch window, we're looking forward to seeing what Byte is like to use.

Did you ever use Vine? Are you excited for Byte?