Google rebrands Files Go to ‘Files by Google’

By | 8th November 2018

It has been a year since Google launched its “Files Go” app, which was primarily designed to free up storage on smartphones with limited built-in storage, and apparently the app is successful enough to earn a rebranding.

Announced on Thursday, Google is changing the name of Files Go to “Files by Google”. The change is apparently due to the fact that the app has been successful across the globe, not just in emerging markets, and has seen adoption across a wide range of smartphones, including flagship devices with plenty of built-in storage. The name change is meant to reflect the app’s ability to help facilitate a smartphone owner’s needs no matter which device they are using.

That’s all that’s changing about the app. It will still allow for folks to manage their storage needs on their smartphone, find files on their devices faster, and even share to other people in a streamlined manner.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that in the short time that the app formerly known as Files Go has been available, it is already being used by more than 30 million monthly users around the globe.

Files by Google is available now as a free download. A link is available below if you haven’t already installed it and want to try it out.