Huawei Band 3 Pro and Band 3e now available in the U.S.

By | 8th November 2018

Two new Huawei wearables have made their way to the U.S.

The Huawei Band 3 Pro (above) and Huawei Band 3e (below) are now available stateside. The Huawei Band 3 Pro features a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen, built-in GPS, and 50m water resistance for tracking your swims. There’s a heart rate monitor included, too, to help you track your workouts using Huawei’s TruSeen 3.0 heart monitoring system.

You can track your sleep with the Huawei Band 3 Pro, too, including deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, awake, and naps. Huawei says that its TruSleep feature was developed in collaboration with Harvard Medical School’s CDB Center and can help identify the six most common sleep-related issues and recommend possible solutions.

Also of note is that the Huawei Band 3 Pro can pair with your Android or iOS smartphone to give you incoming call and caller ID notifications. You can preview SMS and email messages, too, and use weather, calendar, and social apps. And when you pair it with a Huawei phone running EMUI 8.1 or later, you can use the Band 3 Pro as a camera remote, too.


The Huawei Band 3e is the more entry-level model of the two, offering features like a 0.5-inch PMOLED screen, but does still offer some notable fitness features. These include a 50m water resistance and a running coach feature that can analyze your running form and help you become a better runner. There’s a 6-axis motion sensor to measure your steps, and you can even detach the screen from the bracelet and attach it to your shoe to get precise running data.

Huawei says that the Band 3e’s battery can last up to 14 days on a single charge in standby mode or up to 40 hours in running mode. The device also offers sleep monitoring, phone-connected alerts, and more.

There are lots of smart wearables out there, but if you don’t want a smartwatch or you’re just looking for something a bit cheaper than most smartwatches, these Huawei wearables could be worth a look. They’re both now available from Amazon, and you can get them at the links below.

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