Download Google Phone app v25 with dark mode enabled [Mod]

By | 9th November 2018
google phone dark theme

For a while, it seemed like Google was on a mission to make all of their apps as bright white as possible. Thankfully, in recent months, they’ve been adding dark modes to a number of apps. We’ve seen this in Android Messages, YouTube, and others. They also just admitted that dark modes are better for displays and battery life. We’ve been hearing about the dark mode coming to the Google Phone app for a while. It’s still not official, but you can download it now.

In August, Google Phone v23 got the updated Material Theme UI. The following month, we got a look at the dark mode and you could enable it if you had root. Now, you can install the dark theme like any other APK, thanks to XDA Senior Member Martin.077.

  1. Go to this thread and download 25.0.218361296_beta_Dark_theme.apk
  2. Remove previous versions of Google Phone
  3. Install like usual APK
  4. Give permissions to the app in Android Settings, including Modify System Settings
  5. Set as default calling app in Android Settings
  6. Allow draw over other apps permission. (for floating button)

This is a patched/modified version and won’t install on top of the Google Phone app on Nexus/Pixel/Android One devices. The screenshots above are from the app running on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Also, because this is a modified version, spam Caller ID does not work. Check out the forum thread for more information.