Google is finally working on making Android’s share menu faster

By | 9th November 2018
android share menu

Google only has so much time to work on new features for their upcoming version of Android each year, which means many feel their voices aren’t being heard. They have to prioritize certain features from year to year which has led to granular permission control, a lot of work on how Android manages background tasks (to preserve battery life), and more. One area where people feel that Google has been neglecting is Android’s share menu. Depending on how many apps you have installed, this share menu can be very slow and lead to a lot of frustrations. Google has not ignored this issue though and we have just learned that the company is working on redesigning the system with a completely different underlying data model.

So while some feel the sharing system within Android is slow, it’s not as if Google has ignored it altogether. They have made it so that they analyze which apps/people you tend to share things with the most and have brought those up to the top. However, some people are stuck waiting for the share menu to appear in the first place and they aren’t happy with this current implementation. We recently showed a way to remove this “Direct Share” section. Artem of Android Police brought this up back in May on Twitter but the conversation was recently resurrected with a ping to Dave Burke.

For those unaware, Dave Burke is the Vice President of Engineering for the Android team and he’s the one we listen to during the Google I/O keynote each year. The man responded this afternoon by telling us that Google does feel the share menu on Android is a priority. The thing is, fixing what is currently implemented is a big job so it has taken some time. The Android team is currently working on redesigning the system with a different underlying data model (push vs pull) and says that not only will it be nicer to use, but also says it will be much faster as well.