Learn Every Program in the Microsoft Office Suite with This Bundle

By | 9th November 2018

If you’ve worked in an office at any point during the past three decades, you’ve likely used Excel—the world’s most popular and powerful number-crunching software. It’s also likely, however, that you’ve only scratched the surface of what this incredibly versatile program can do.

This eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School will give you a leg up over the competition when it comes to applying for virtually any job, by outfitting you with a thorough understanding of Excel and every other program in the Microsoft Office Suite—all for just $49.

Whether you’re interested in creating more colorful spreadsheets or performing advanced data analysis in Excel, this bundle has you covered. Through easy-to-understand video instruction, you’ll learn how to implement powerful formulas and functions, create detailed graphs, automate repetitive tasks, and much more. You’ll even receive a resume-boosting CPD certification when you complete the course.

Having mastered Excel, you can move on to tackling every other Microsoft Office program, through instruction that walks you through both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Access, and Calendar.

Edge out the workplace competition with the eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School. A lifetime subscription is available for 95% off at $49.