T-Mobile’s TV set-top box has been revealed by the FCC

By | 9th November 2018
T-Mobile TV set-top box photo FCC

We know T-Mobile has a new TV service launching this year following its purchase of Layer3 TV, but few other details of the upcoming offering have been revealed. Today we're getting a little more info on the service thanks to the FCC.

The set-top box for T-Mobile's upcoming TV service has been revealed by the FCC. The box called the "T-Mobile Mini" in the user manual included in the listing, and it's made by a company named Kaonmedia that made set-top boxes for Layer3 TV in the past. There's even a Layer3 TV logo on the FCC ID label of this T-Mobile box.

T-Mobile TV set-top box ports

Examining the box itself, we can see three rounded corners and one that's more squared off. The back of T-Mobile's set-top box has an Ethernet port, HDMI in and out ports, and a power port, and the side of the box has a USB port that the manual says can be used for software updates.

That manual also includes a cropped image of the remote. We can't see much of it, but the upper portion of the remote does have power and input buttons, a play/pause button, and more.

T-Mobile TV set-top box remote

T-Mobile has said that it plans to launch its TV service in 2018, and the FCC giving its approval to this set-top box gets T-Mo one step closer to unleashing its service. Other details that we know about T-Mobile's TV service is that it'll offer "hundreds of high definition choices" and that a mobile version will be available in 2019.

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T-Mobile TV set-top box top view