Author: xda

Android P Beta 2 Now Available for the Nokia 7 Plus

Google is doing things a bit differently for Android P. Thanks to advantages brought about by Project Treble and a close collaboration with Qualcomm, Betas for the upcoming version of Android are being made available for a number of devices outside of the Pixel lineup. This certainly helps tide over the loss of the Nexus lineup

Popular Android podcast player ‘Pocket Casts’ now has an open beta

pocket castsVery often, developers need some human power to do the testing of their applications. In these kinds of times, they use the beta program. Basically, what a beta program means is that developers make an unstable channel for those who are not afraid of bugs. Joining a beta program means that you agree with being

Kiwi is a speedy Chrome-based browser with a dark theme & built-in ad blocker

Kiwi Chrome browserXDA Senior Member arnaud42 released an open source Chromium-based browser a few months ago. Called Kiwi Browser, it has certain striking features such as a built-in dark theme (or “night mode,” as the application calls it), built-in ad blocker, and a cryptocurrency mining blocker as well. This browser includes performance improvements (and believe me, they’re noticeable