PetChatz HD is Skype for pets


Do you own a pet and buy them all sorts of weird items? Well, if you are the type of person to take caring for pets too far, PetChatz HD and PawCall are the perfect products for you.

PetChatz HD and PawCall are basically Skype for pets. I am being dead serious. Your pet can step on the PawCall pad and initiate a two-way video chat with you. This is perfect for when you are at work or on vacation, but want to see your pet. Assuming they want to see you too and press the button.

PawCall is a shiny, durable, pet-safe 3″ x 4″ button pet parents can place on the floor or wall anywhere in their homes near their PetChatz HD system.

The PawCall connects to the PetChatz HD via Bluetooth, which is the new updated HD camera, yes, I said HD. However, PetChatz HD can also be useful. You can install it on a wall or in a kennel and use it to see your pets. What is actually really cool is you can use it to dispense a treat, provide a soothing scent, and receive sound and motion detection alerts of your pet’s shenanigans.

The new PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory are not currently available yet, but are available for pre-order starting today at The PetChatz HD will cost $379.99 and is available for delivery in January 2016, while the PawCall cost $99.99 and will ship out in February 2016.

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Press Release:

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Has your pet called you lately? Your dog or cat will soon be able to do just that with the forthcoming launch of the PetChatz® HD PawCall™ accessory, a landmark technology that lets pets initiate two-way video chats with the press of a button placed on your household’s floor.

PawCall is a shiny, durable, pet-safe 3″ x 4″ button pet parents can place on the floor or wall anywhere in their homes near their PetChatz HD system.

PawCall will connect with PetChatz HD, a new, updated version of our previously released PetChatz “Greet & Treat®” videophone allowing pet parents to connect with their pets from anywhere, anytime through their smartphones, tablets or computers.

PetChatz HD enables parents to call their pets for two-way video + treats

The patented, award-winning PetChatz HD unit is a sleek, high-tech, pet-safe system that mounts to any wall or kennel and lets owners call their pets to see each other, hear each other and speak to each other.

By clicking an icon within the PetChatz app, parents can dispense a treat, provide a soothing scent and receive sound and motion detection alerts of their pet’s shenanigans. PetChatz HD also features an HD, low-light camera and a high quality audio system. It is an updated version of the original PetChatz 1.0, which launched Nov. 2014.

Optional PawCall accessory lets pets call their parents

The PawCall accessory – which can be purchased separately and connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to PetChatz HD – will in turn let pets call their parents. When pet parents want their pets to know they can call them, they schedule call times in the PetChatz web app, which causes the paw-shaped light on the PawCall button to blink. Pets can then press the PawCall button to place a call to their parents.

The PetChatz HD system features pet trainer-developed instructions to help parents easily train their pets to respond to PetChatz HD calls, and learn to place calls with the PawCall button.

To see a video demonstration of PetChatz HD and PawCall in action, check out this video.

PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory are sold separately and are available for pre-order starting today Estimated delivery for PetChatz HD is January 2016. Estimated delivery of PawCall is February 2016. PetChatz HD MSRP is $379.99. PawCall MSRP is $99.99.

Individuals can still purchase the original PetChatz 1.0 – which is not compatible with PawCall – for $299 at while supplies last.

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Vivo has begun teasing its X6 handset, which is clearly aiming for the high-end market. Some specifications include a 6-inch QHD display, a deca-core Helio X20 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 21MP rear-facing camera, Android 5.1 out of the box and a beastly 4000mAh battery. These are about the best specifications one will find in an Android smartphone these days. The handset will also include force touch for some added capabilities. The design features an all-metal design that fits the standards as a premium handset. Multiple color options are also said to be available time come launch. We’ll find out all the details on November 11.Vivo_X6_teaser_images_110415_2Source: Weibo
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360 Security – A lot of bang for zero bucks

Most antivirus apps do about one or two things and it usually revolves around your security. It’s interesting and unique when an antivirus app tries to do more to optimize your device and keep it safe, secure, and free of worries. 360 Security is an app that tries to do all of this and it does it rather well. Let’s take a closer look!

360 Security review


So what does 360 Security actually do? For starters, it is an antivirus application and comes with a decent set of features. They include real-time scanning of your apps and files to find any potential problems, a scanner to find pre-existing problems, and it can detect adware, malware, trojans and more. The virus database is updated from the cloud pretty much whenever you want.

On top of that, it also has a cleanup function that will find old, forgotten, and otherwise useless files on your device. 360 Security will clear all of those out for you to help give you some extra space on your device. This functionality is extended to include apps as well. You can find and uninstall apps you don’t use to save on space and, sometimes, conserve battery.

There is also a boost function that clears out running apps. This is actually configurable so you can have some apps remain in memory. We recommend putting all of the apps you use frequently in the exceptions so that they don’t spend all day re-initializing and draining your battery. Otherwise, it seems to work as intended.

360 Security review
The app has a bunch of other features as well. One of our favorites was app locking. Using this feature, you can lock various apps to prevent access and you can set a pattern lock to keep it secure. It works as expected and you can configure which apps have the lock and which ones do not.

There is also a newer feature that allows you to block notifications from various apps. This functionality is actually built in to Lollipop and Marshmallow but for some, it’s nice to see apps doing it as well. You can configure which apps show you notifications and hides the others for your viewing later. This is great, especially for games that don’t know when to shut up.

Along with that, you get a call and SMS filter that will automatically block incoming SMS and phone calls from numbers and contacts you’ve assigned. This is a good way to get rid of repeat telemarketers and other various annoyances.

360 Security has several other additional features. They include an application manager to help you uninstall and view applications, a data monitor that lets you set your monthly limits to keep track of that, and a find-my-phone feature that is integrated with Google that will help you find your device.

It’s true that not everyone will find every single feature useful, but with the giant list of things available, there’s something in there for just about everyone.

360 Security review

The Good

Okay now that we know what it does, here’s what we liked about 360 Security:

  • Pretty much everything you can do in this app is configurable and we really liked that. If you like a feature, you can configure it to your needs and if you don’t want a feature, you can opt not to use it. The whole thing is totally your call and nothing is forced on you which we really liked.
  • The phone, SMS, and notification filters are really fun to play with. It’s nice getting those set up and knowing that when your phone goes off, it’s like because of something you actually want to interact with.
  • The cleanup feature is nifty. A lot of apps have this one and 360 Security’s version works as well as any of them. It’s a good way to get rid of old, forgotten, or otherwise useless files to free up some storage.
  • The antivirus security actually works and it’s quick and painless. During our tests, it found out the malware apps right away and uninstalling them was easy.
  • The tertiary features all worked very well. In fact, during our testing, we didn’t run into one broken feature or force close. 360 Security as a whole is a very stable app.
  • We also really liked that the find-my-phone feature was integrated with your Google account instead of trying to do its own thing. It’s so much easier this way and we appreciated the effort.
  • It uses the Android design guidelines and it looks very good doing so. It is definitely a good looking app. It’s also totally free with no in-app purchases which is always a plus. The app appears to be supported by advertising.

360 Security screenshot

The Bad

And here’s what we didn’t like so much:

  • We loved that the boost feature is configurable so it doesn’t kill off apps that you use often. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come configured hardly at all and, depending on your usage, removing that many apps from memory can result in many of them popping right back up as you use your device. Continuously reloading apps this way can actually make your battery life worse if you don’t use it right depending on your use case.
  • Many of the app’s best features are in the menus. It focuses on the boost, cleanup, and antivirus function. We would’ve liked to have seen the various filters, app lock, and the find-my-phone feature more prominently represented.
  • As with any application with advertising, we would’ve liked to have seen a way to pay to remove ads. It’s a small thing since the ads generally aren’t intrusive and there are no pop ups anywhere, but having that option is always preferable.
  • When you first run the app, 360 Security will place a few icons on your home screen. All of these features are available in the app so we don’t understand why they did this and it can be a little intrusive.

360 Security review

Final Thoughts

Overall, 360 Security is one of the best, if not the best, all-in-one optimization apps available today. It’s true that a few of the features require a bit of configuring to get them to work right and not everything is perfect, but the set of features that 360 Security delivers is quite impressive and the app itself is solid and stable.

If you want to try it out, click the button below. It currently rocks a 4.6 rating in the Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 100 million people. We can see why that’s the case. It is totally free to use with no in-app purchases so there is no harm in trying it out for yourself.
Get it now on Google Play!

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