Sharp is making an adorable bipedal robot phone called RoboHon

I didn’t think I wanted my phone to be shaped like a chunky robot shaped like a human. Phones are already getting big enough these days. But tell me you don’t want a bipedal robot phone after watching the above video, and I will tell you that you have a heart of stone.

Sharp — which as far as I can tell is not joking — just announced a robot phone called RoboHon, designed by renowned creator Tomotaka Takahashi. RoboHon is an eight-inch-high robot with a 2-inch screen on the back and a camera and projector built into its face. It walks, talks, dances, and connects to LTE. RoboHon is capable of identifying people by their face or voice, and will act accordingly, telling them they have a new message or to smile for the camera. It is…

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Spotify now available for MirrorLink via RockScout


Spotify is becoming vital for music addicts – it’s everywhere and many of us can’t live without it! And it’s really no wonder why. The music streaming service offers an immense library of songs one can listen to for free! Paying for the premium subscription sure improves the experience, but it’s mostly not necessary if you can handle an ad or two (and obligatory shuffle on mobile).

The popular application continues to make its way to missing platforms (even though there’s not many left). The latest supported system happens to be MirrorLink, powered by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). It works through RockScout, which is essentially a link between your car’s entertainment system and supported applications on your phone. With this new addition, users will be able to control Spotify using a car-optimized interface, featuring large buttons and a simplified design.

“Spotify is obsessed with figuring out how to bring music into every part of your life, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. MirrorLink provides a simple way to bring Spotify into the car and on the dashboard so listeners can access their favorite music in a manner suitable for the driving environment.” -Lawrence Kennedy, Sr. Product Owner for Automotive at Spotify


Of course, here at Android Authority we are fans of Android Auto, but we know many of you are still rocking Mirror Link. Anything that helps Android users is good news, and this will definitely get the job done in terms of providing a fun Spotify vehicle experience. Go ahead and download the applications below to get everything running, and don’t forget to hit the comments to let us know if you will be taking advantage of this!

Download Spotify from the Google Play Store
Download RockScout from the Google Play Store

Show Press Release
RockScout App Brings Spotify to MirrorLink®-Enabled Cars

Beaverton, OR – October 5, 2015 — Starting today, Spotify Android users can bring the Spotify mobile app to their dashboards via MirrorLink® RockScout, a simple download that makes participating Android music apps MirrorLink-compatible. The
Car Connectivity Consortium <>, creators of MirrorLink, made the announcement as more and more apps become available in the MirrorLink ecosystem.

“Spotify is obsessed with figuring out how to bring music into every part of your life, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing,” said Lawrence Kennedy, Sr. Product Owner for Automotive at Spotify. “MirrorLink provides a simple way to bring Spotify into the
car and on the dashboard so listeners can access their favorite music in a manner suitable for the driving environment.”

RockScout leverages Media Browser Service, a standard Android API, to make Android audio apps compatible with MirrorLink. MirrorLink compatibility means apps are driver-aware and controllable via touch and rotary-knob infotainment systems. The Android application
can be enabled without further development or integration, and the solution is free and open-source.

“Spotify’s compatibility with MirrorLink is a great moment for both brands, based on Spotify’s undeniable popularity among music lovers and the sheer size of MirrorLink’s global install base,” said Alan Ewing, President and Executive director of the CCC. “In
a larger sense, RockScout represents a major advance for MirrorLink by providing drivers with extended access to some of the most popular music and audio apps of all time.”

To download RockScout,
click here <>. To download Spotify for Android,
click here <>. For general information, please visit <>.

About the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)
The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink® global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. The organization’s 100 members represent 70 percent of the world’s auto market,
70 percent of the global smartphone market and a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors. For further information, please visit <>.

These T-Mobile Android devices have a Marshmallow update in development

Android 6.0 Marshmallow statue large

Today Google announced that it’s started pushing Android 6.0 to Nexus devices. And now folks that own a non-Nexus Android phone are wondering “Will my device get Marshmallow?” Today T-Mobile named 17 of its devices that will get the update.

Here are the 17 products that T-Mobile says currently have an Android 6.0 update in the works:

Get your Nexus ready, Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA links are here!

google_nexus_5x_nexus_6p_group_shotThe long awaited Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is finally here! Google is a little slow rolling out the latest update, but if you have the OTA link, you can install the update right away. Do not fear, we have some OTA links which can be sideloaded onto your device right now.

Here are the OTA links we have so far:

Nexus 9 (volantis)

Nexus 9 LTE (volantisg)

Nexus 7 LTE (razorg)

If your device isn’t currently listed here, don’t worry, T-Mobile have listed all the devices that will be receiving the Marshmallow update in the future.

Source: T-Mobile

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