You can now control your OneWheel from your Android phone

If you are a OneWheel owner, you’ll be happy to see that you can now take control of it right from your Android phone. Using Bluetooth 4.0 you can now change your rides, control the lighting and more. For those not familiar, OneWheel is a motorized single wheel board that rides like a combination of a skateboard, surfboard and snowboard. From the app, you can now take advantage of the following features:

DIGITAL SHAPING: Change the way your Onewheel rides, the way a surfboard shaper customizes the ride for an individual rider. Fast and sporty? Try Extreme mode. Or for a great starting point, try Classic!
MONITOR YOUR RIDING: Keep track of your battery status and other key riding parameters
while you fly through the world.
LED LIGHTING CONTROL: Control the LED lighting on your Onewheel.
LEARN TO RIDE VIDEOS: Getting on your Onewheel for the first time or need a quick refresher?
Check out the Learn to Ride videos from within the app.
You can download the OneWheel app from Google P…

Best smartphone cameras: Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6s vs. Nexus 6P vs. Lumia 950

Samsung vs. iPhone, Nexus vs. Lumia. It’s time to find out who makes the best smartphone camera.

Recently a new smartphone waltzed onto the scene, throwing a gauntlet to the ground: we have the best smartphone camera, Samsung said. There are already some excellent smartphone cameras out there — we learned that from our previous smartphone camera showdown, and with the new entrants into the field the time has come to do a proper comparison between them all. So let’s do this: it’s Apple iPhone 6s Plus versus Huawei Nexus 6P versus Microsoft Lumia 950 versus Samsung Galaxy S7 (otherwise known as the challenger and the new kid on the block).

Why these phones?

We went with four phones for this cross-platform showdown to keep things simple, picking what we know to be among the greatest and latest cameras. So there’s the iPhone 6s Plus, which has the same sensor and lens set up as the smaller iPhone 6s, but adds in optical image stabilization for improved shake reduction and better…

Google Updates the Material Design Spec with Bottom Navigation Guidelines

Bottom Navigation GuidelinesWe first saw Google’s Material Design bottom navigation bar introduced in their new Google+ application and then they expanded this into their Google Photos app too. Now it seems Google has expanded their Material Design guidelines to include tips and suggestions for how to implement this into your own application.

Post Apocalyptic Games

When the world ends, games get better. There are several that embrace the post apocalyptic theme, and they feature new worlds that are just as immersive. The following list is filled with survival games. Some have zombies, while others pit you against nature. Survive Before this game starts, you are prompted to turn the sound on. That’s never a good sign, but the immersive noises set the mood nicely. Survive provides you with choices when you play the game. It’s about survival, and the decisions you make will determine whether you live or die. You have food, inventory, the option to travel, the option to forage, the option to set up a fire, and several other actions. After the car breaks down, you have to hike through the forest and find civilization. Keep an eye on the distance counter which tells you how far away safety is. Your condition is also displayed on screen. Keep track of hydration, stamina, and energy. Drink, eat, and forage to survive. Download Link: Google Play…

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