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How to create a VR app for Android in just 7 minutes

This tutorial will show you how to build a VR app for Android (Google Cardboard or Daydream) in just 7 minutes. It’s easier than you think to create VR environments and then experience them in first person VR.

Google Flutter Release Preview 1: Next-Gen Native App Design

Flutter Framework Feature Image Golden TainoiCross-platform development is a difficult problem to solve, but Google feels that they have created a toolkit that will go a long way to helping simplify it with Flutter. Earlier this year at Google I/O, they announced Flutter Beta 3, which they felt was a production ready build of the cross-platform UI framework. Google is

Nokia 7 Plus running Android P bumped back to Android Oreo

Running beta versions of software, even entire operating systems, always comes with some risks that something will get severely messed up. It is rare that problems rise above the level of annoyance, but when it does happen it can be quite maddening. Ow…