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Android Studio 3.2 hits Stable, brings Emulator Snapshots, Energy Profiler, and more

It’s been quite a while since Google first launched their first-party integrated development environment, Android Studio, to give developers the tools to help them build all kinds of apps for Android. Before the initial launch, developers had to use third-party IDEs and all kinds of unsupported plugins and software. That time has long since passed as

How to Locally Capture a System Trace on Android Pie

android pie system tracingTracing is an invaluable tool that enables developers to understand the impact that various changes have on a system and can provide clues to identify the root cause of problems. systrace is one such powerful tracing tool that collects timing information from processes running on an Android device. systrace was used extensively by the Android

Flutter Release Preview 2 Available Now, Google Flutter 1.0 Up Next

Flutter Framework Feature Image BrownGoogle’s goals of simplifying cross-platform app development take another leap forward today with the announcement of Flutter Release Preview 2 at Google Developer Days China in Shanghai. This is an important milestone in Flutter’s history, as it is the last major release before Flutter 1.0 is launched, and allows us to truly get a feel for

Google Photos Library API now available, lets you integrate Photos with your app

google photosGoogle Photos is one of the company’s best products. It works extremely well, is easy to use, and has very powerful features. The service has only gotten better over time. Now, Google is opening a program that will allow developers to tap into the awesomeness of Google Photos for their own apps. The headlining feature