Android Pay and Samsung Pay cardless withdrawals now live at some Wells Fargo ATMs

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Back in March, we brought you the news that you’d be able to pull cash from your account at a Wells Fargo ATM using your phone instead of your debit card. The new process allowed you to open up your Wells Fargo app and have it generate an eight-digit code and a unique personal identifying code to gain access to your account. Even though the process wasn’t necessarily easier than popping your card into the machine and entering your PIN, it did have the added benefit of protecting you from card skimmers. And, it really helped in a pinch when you forgot your card. 

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Today, Wells Fargo is going one step further. The financial giant has announced that over 5,000 of its ATMs will now allow cardless withdrawals using Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay. With this method, you’ll sign into your mobile wallet and hold either your NFC-enabled phone or watch up to the ATM. While most of Wells Fargo’s ATMs don’t support the new feature, you’ll be able to spot the ones that do because they’ll have a contactless symbol on the front. Wells Fargo says they’re working on upgrading the remaining 8,000 or so ATMs to support this new functionality by 2019.

Will you use the new cardless withdrawal system? Do you even use cash anymore? Let us known down in the comments what you think.

Android Pay adds 13 new banks, brings total to over 1000

Android Pay is only successful as long as most users can add their credit cards to it, and Google has spent years building up the list of supported banks and credit unions. They’ve recently added 13 new banks in the latest update, hitting a major milestone for the mobile payment system. 13 new banks isn’t […]

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Android Pay is now compatible with over 1,000 financial institutions

In the few short years that Android Pay has been around, it’s been adding banks and credit unions at a rapid pace. Last week we told you that it added another 24 institutions and brought the total number up to 996. And now it’s time to break out the party hats and confetti because it just passed 1,000! Today, Google updated the support page for Android Pay with 16 more financial institutions. That pushes the total up to 1,012.

The updated list now includes the following banks and credit unions:

  • Chevron Federal Credit Union
  • Collins State Bank
  • Diebold Federal Credit Union
  • DuGood Federal Credit Union
  • First Federal Bank
  • First State Bank of Mendota
  • Hawthorn Bank
  • Litchfield National Bank
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union
  • People’s Choice Federal Credit Union
  • Peoples Bank
  • Progressive Savings Bank
  • Sidney Federal Credit Union
  • TBK Bank
  • Vacationland Federal Credit Union
  • Washington Financial Bank

It seems that here in the US it’s harder to find a bank that doesn’t support Android Pay than ones that do. That’s a great development for contactless payments, but it isn’t the case in the rest of the world. Android Pay has rolled out to UK, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, Japan, Russia, and New Zealand, but not every bank is on board. In the UK, the biggest holdout might be Barclays in the UK. The massive bank has been pushing its own payment system while other big names like RBC and TD Bank in Canada support Apple Pay but not Android Pay.

If you’d like to see the full list of banks that support Android Pay, you can head to the site here.

Do you use Android Pay or a competing service like Samsung Pay? Let us know down in the comments about your experiences with contactless payments.

Android Pay US bank and credit union list expands with 24 new additions

Android Pay officially launched just over two years ago on September 11, 2015, but Google’s mobile payment service continues to add new banks and credit unions in the United States. This week, Google’s support page for Android Pay added 24 new financial institutions in the US that now support the service, bringing the total number up to 996. Yes, that means close to 1,000 banks and credit unions now support Android Pay in this country.

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How to use Android Pay – What is it, what banks support it?

How to use Android Pay – What is it, what banks support it?

3 days ago

Here are the newest additions to the Android Pay family:

  • Bank of Idaho
  • Beehive Federal Credit Union
  • Citizens Bank (WI)
  • Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
  • Duke University FCU
  • First Community Bank (TX)
  • Great Plains Bank
  • Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi
  • Gulf Winds FCU
  • Mascoma Savings Bank
  • Meadows Bank
  • Meriwest Credit Union
  • Nascoga Federal Credit Union
  • One Bank & Trust, N.A.
  • Pen Air FCU
  • Security Federal Bank
  • Texas Brand Bank
  • The Bryn Mawr Trust Co.
  • The State Bank and Trust Company
  • TrueCore FCU
  • Wauna FCU
  • West-Aircomm FCU
  • Westmoreland Community FCU
  • Xplore Federal Credit Union

All of the major banks, and many of the smaller ones, now support Android Pay in the US, and since it launched two years ago it has expanded into other countries, including the UK, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, Japan, Russia and New Zealand. However, there are major holdouts in some territories. Barclays Bank in the UK  launched its own mobile payment service earlier this summer. Android Pay was made available in Canada in May, but two major banks in that country, RBC and TD Bank, have yet to support it, even though both support its rival Apple Pay.

Google Tez is new mobile payments platform in works for Indian market

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