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Google is requiring two years of Android security updates for some newer phones

Earlier this year Google mentioned that their OEM partner agreement would start including language that would force manufacturers to keep their phones updated, at least with security patches. Software updates seem to be the most painful aspect of Andro…

Google is mandating major OEMs offer 2 years of Android security updates

Android Security updatesWe keep everything on your smartphones, and it’s gotten to the point that for many, they replace a laptop. That’s both good and bad – phones are obviously smaller and more convenient while gracing us with some of the exact same capabilities as a laptop. However, their ubiquity means that they are often a target

Google Pixel 3 supports secure transactions via Android Protected Confirmation API

Android Pie has been focusing on the privacy and security improvements since the first developer preview. “P stands for Privacy” is something we bloggers wanted to hear on the Google I/O announcement of the latest version of Android. Somehow, Google never said those exact words, but they made it very clear that Android P will

Apps shared via Google Files Go, SHAREIt, and Xender will be verified by Google Play

Google has worked on a way to keep those users secure who love side-loading applications. Back in June, they started to automatically add security metadata to any app uploaded to the Google Play Store so that they can be verified as originating from Google Play when shared elsewhere. This helps users by having their side-loaded

Google explains how the Titan M helps secure the Pixel 3

pixel 3 titan securityIn Part 1 of our Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL review, we mentioned that they may be the most secure consumer Android smartphones on the market. Pixel devices are typically more secure than other Android phones because they get more reliable updates. Those monthly security patches are more important than you might think. The