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Android Studio is coming to Chromebooks next year

Android StudioWhen it comes to getting a low-cost but effective laptop, oftentimes you need not look any further than a Chromebook. Chromebooks are (generally) cheap, support Android apps, and the software is extremely user-friendly. It’s no wonder that students and regular consumers alike are starting to pick up on the craze. For developers, though, there weren’t

The 2018 Android Dev Summit kicks off today, here’s what Google announced

Another year brings us another Android Dev Summit held by Google. Google never lets up on news from the development scene of the biggest mobile operating system in the world. The 2018 Android Dev Summit kicked off today in Mountain View, California where Google highlighted Android’s successes, talked about their roadmaps for current development tools,

Android Studio 3.2 hits Stable, brings Emulator Snapshots, Energy Profiler, and more

It’s been quite a while since Google first launched their first-party integrated development environment, Android Studio, to give developers the tools to help them build all kinds of apps for Android. Before the initial launch, developers had to use third-party IDEs and all kinds of unsupported plugins and software. That time has long since passed as