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Google’s Android P engineers did an AMA, here’s what they said

android engineering team reddit amaGoogle announced an AMA on /r/AndroidDev just a couple of days ago. The AMA is all wrapped up, so here’s everything new we heard on Reddit from the Android engineering team. Please keep in mind that this AMA was focused on developers, not for regular users of the platform. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Android Studio 3.2 Beta adds App Bundle support, Emulator Snapshots, Energy Profiler, and more

Android Studio 3.2 beta is now available. Apart from fixes for some memory leak issues, the new version includes support for App Bundles, Emulator Snapshots, Energy Profiler, and over 450 bug fixes from the previous version. Let’s break down the main features of the new release. Android App Bundle support When building an app and uploading