iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks

iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iOS 11.1 update doesn’t have an official release date, but there’s a good chance it’ll touch down for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users in a few short weeks.

Apple continues to refine its iOS 11.1 update as we push through the fall.

The first iOS 11.1 beta came with some small tweaks and changes, but the second iOS 11.1 beta delivered new and redesigned emojis for the iOS keyboard. Apple employees are also testing the company’s upcoming Apple Pay Cash solution with the iOS 11.1 beta.

Apple recently released its third beta with improvements to iOS 11’s first milestone upgrade. With every beta release we get closer to the official iOS 11.1 release date.

The company hasn’t attached a specific release date to the iOS 11.1 update though we expect Apple to push it live in late October or early November. If we’re lucky, the company will release the upgrade alongside the iPhone X flagship that’s set to arrive on November 3rd.

The iOS 11.1 update is making progress which means you iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can, and probably should, start shifting your attention from iOS 11.0.3 to the first major update to iOS 11. The emojis are exciting, sure, but iOS 11.1 should deliver a nice list of tweaks and bug fixes for lingering iOS 11 problems.

The most recent iOS 11.1 beta brought a fix for an annoying Reachability bug and the update will also patch up a nasty Wi-Fi exploit.

In this guide will provide you with some tips that should help you prepare for the iOS 11.1 update’s release later this year. The more prepared you are, the better.

Get Familiar with iOS 11.1 & Its Changes

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Get Familiar with iOS 11.1 & Its Changes

If you haven't been keeping an eye on the iOS 11.1 beta, now's a great time to dig into the changes coming with Apple's first milestone iOS 11 upgrade. 

It's important to get familiar with the changes coming with each and every iOS update Apple puts in beta. This way, you won't be caught off-guard by the changes. 

iOS 11.1 is much bigger than your standard iOS update and it will deliver new features and tweaks alongside bug fixes and security patches. 

The best way to get acquainted with the iOS 11.1 update is via the iOS 11.1 beta. The beta is free to anyone with an Apple ID. Take a look at our list of reasons to, and not to, install the iOS 11.1 beta on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

If you don't want to try the iOS 11.1 beta on your device, take a look at our iOS 11.1 walkthrough to get acquainted with some of the key features on board. 

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iOS 11.1 Release Date Tips & Tricks is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

Which iPhone X Color to Buy? Silver or Space Gray

Which iPhone X Color to Buy? Silver or Space Gray is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

What’s the best iPhone X color to buy? A lot of it comes down to which color looks best, but there are a few factors that can help you make the decision on which iPhone color to buy for the new iPhone X.

Apple only offers two iPhone X colors, and while there is some chatter over a gold iPhone X listing from China, you shouldn’t plan on getting this color unless you are going to wait for a spring Apple event where the company might announce an iPhone SE 2 and new iPhone X colors.

If you plan to buy the iPhone X in October or November, you will need to decide which of the two iPhone x colors looks best to you.

iPhone X Colors

Here are your iPhone X color options.
Here are your iPhone X color options.

Unlike the iPhone 8 color options, there is one huge difference thanks to the iPhone X’s new nearly bezel-less design. The front of the iPhone X is almost all screen, and where the screen ends you see a little bit of black and the stainless steel band that runs on the edge. This is the same on the Silver and Space Gray iPhone X.

With this in mind there is no iPhone X color that is better for watching movies. Typically we tell people to buy an iPhone with a black front that looks similar to the black on the edges of your HDTV, but in this case both fronts are black and the bezels are super thin.

Most Stylish iPhone X Color

If you want the most fashionable iPhone X color option, go with Silver. This is the lightest option and it will pick up the colors in your clothing or accessories as the light reflects off the back of the phone.

There’s nothing wrong with the Space Gray color when it comes to looking good, but we think that Silver is the best bet for fashion focused buyers.

Best iPhone X Color If Scratches Worry You

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 use the same glass back. If you are worried about the iPhone X glass back scratching and showing scratches over time, you will want to go with the Silver color.

Lighter colors don’t show scratches as much as the a darker color like black. The good news is the glass back on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 resist scratches better than the back of the iPhone 7 backs.

Should I Worry About Fading iPhone X Colors?

While we haven’t had the iPhone 8 long enough to test if there will be color fading under the glass, we don’t expect either of the iPhone X color options to fade or to wear over time like aluminum can.

In the past we’ve seen users who don’t clean the iPhone often enough tarnish the aluminum finish on the iPhone back. We don’t expect that will be an issue with the glass back and with either iPhone X color option.

iPhone X Colors in Cases

Think about how the iPhone X color you pick looks in your favorite case.
Think about how the iPhone X color you pick looks in your favorite case.

If you plan to get a clear iPhone X case or you care about the color that shows through around the camera while using a case, you should consider what colors your case will be.

We’re seeing way more clear iPhone X cases this year and clear cases with text on them. If you have a specific case in mind, check out the sample photos online and see what the case looks like with the iPhone X in it.

Most iPhone X cases will cover up the color almost completely, which means the color you pick is less important than it used to be.

Which iPhone X Color Should I Buy?

With only two options to choose from, the iPhone x color you pick isn’t as important as it was in the past, but it is still something you need to think about. This is especially important if you use your iPhone X without a case. Instead of waiting for a rose gold iPhone X, you might be better off buying a silver iPhone X and a rose gold iPhone X case.

If you want an iPhone X color that will reflect the colors around it and is likely to show less scratches, go with the Silver option. If you prefer the darker look of Space Gray, and you are quick to order, go that route.

Space gray is the most popular choice among Gotta Be Mobile readers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Rose Gold was slightly more popular for the iPhone 6s.

Which iPhone X Color to Buy? Silver or Space Gray is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

How to Buy the iPhone X

How to Buy the iPhone X is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iPhone X is going to be tough to find in stock at least through Christmas. This is how to buy the iPhone X, or iPhone 10, so that you get one as fast as possible. We’ll walk through how to pre-order the iPhone X, but you should also study up on the iPhone X pre-order tips that we’ve put together from years of ordering iPhones.

Once you walk through the whole set of tips to figure out what carrier you want, storage size you need and what color to buy you’re ready to go. There are three ways to buy the iPhone X on day one.

At this point you should plan to pre-order, since there is no guarantee that you will find any stock in stores on the iPhone X release date in November unless you pre-order for in-store pickup. We have heard that some stores plan to open early, like they did for the iPhone 8 release day, so there is potential for some in store stock.

You can buy the iPhone X from Apple, from your carrier or from a retailer like Best Buy. We expect that you will have the best luck buying directly from Apple. If you go that route, you will be able to buy on most carrier payment plans. The good news is that you can go through the steps of buying the iPhone X right now from Apple.

How to buy the iPhone X.
How to buy the iPhone X.

1. Open the Apple App or go to the Apple website.

2. Click or tap on iPhone X.

3. Chose Replace this iPhone or Buy a New iPhone.

How to buy the iPhone X.


4. Pick the Color, Storage and how you want to pay for the iPhone X.

5. Tap on the Heart in the upper right if you are doing this before pre-orders start.

Favorite your iPhone X for easy access.
Favorite your iPhone X for easy access.

6. When sales are live tap or click on continue and then pay for your iPhone or complete the carrier payment information.

This is all you need to do to buy the iPhone X through the Apple Store. You can use your carrier app, the carrier website or Best Buy’s website to buy the iPhone X through that retailer.

If you save your iPhone X as a favorite, you can go to your account when the sales start, tap on the iPhone in your favorites and it will take you directly to that option you want, the carrier and payment method. This way, all you need to do is tap on Continue and buy your iPhone X. This will save you precious time when the app and the website are overloaded.

10 Best iPhone X Cases

x-doria Defense Lux iPhone X Case

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x-doria Defense Lux iPhone X Case

The x-doria Defense Lux iPhone X case is amazing. This case looks great, feels awesome and offers military grade drop protection without adding much bulk. 

We love the look of this case in Ballistic Nylon and Black Carbon on the iPhone X. These cases not only offer a cool look, but the back is actually textured like the material listed. The Ballistic Nylon case has a soft, but grippy feel to the back just like you'd expect from looking at it. The Black Carbon feels like textured carbon fiber and looks awesome. 

x-doria designed this case to protect your phone from drops up to 10 feet on concrete and there is . sound channel to direct the speaker towards you instead of straight out the bottom. The raised edge keeps the screen safe when setting the pone face down on a table. 

$34.99 at x-doria

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How to Buy the iPhone X is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

iPhone X Pre-Order Tips

iPhone X Pre-Order Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

The iPhone X pre-order date is approaching and those of you looking to buy Apple’s new flagship should start preparing for the big day.

iPhone X pre-orders start on October 27th at 12:01AM Pacific Time. Those of you living on the west coast of the United States will need to stay up late while those of you living on the east coast will need to set an alarm so that you don’t miss the start of pre-orders.

Staying up late or waking up early for the start of iPhone X pre-orders doesn’t guarantee you a delivery on November 3rd, but it’s the only way to avoid waiting in line on release day. If there is any in-store stock for release day.

If you want the iPhone X ASAP you’ll want to put in an early order. Rumors have pointed to lengthy shipping delays and well-known Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo claims the iPhone X won’t be widely available until next year due to various production issues.

Unlike the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there’s a very good chance the iPhone X will sell out hours after it goes on sale in the United States and countries around the world.

If you’ve gone through the iPhone pre-order process before you know you’ll need to be on your toes. If you want a precise color with the right amount of storage for your needs, you’ll need to be ready to go when the clock strikes 12:01AM Pacific. If you’re unprepared, you might not get the model you want. You also might have to endure a long wait for your iPhone X.

We’ve put together a list of iPhone X pre-order tips that will help you right now and when the calendar turns over to October 27th. If this will be your first time pre-ordering an iPhone or you simply want some advice, take a look at our list of iPhone X pre-order tips below.

Get Online Early

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Get Online Early

If you're planning to pre-order the iPhone X on October 27th make sure you get online early. Logging on at 11:59PM Pacific isn't a good idea.

We recommend getting online at least half an hour before iPhone X pre-orders start in your time zone so that you can get yourself situated. 

You might feel prepared, but there's always a chance you've overlooked something or forgotten an important password. Or maybe, just maybe, you need to do some last minute research on the iPhone X and its competitors. 

You'll also want to figure out exactly how you're going to put in an order for your new phone.

Make sure you're familiar with Apple's website or the website of your favorite retailer or carrier. Apple's website is pretty straightforward, but carrier websites can be confusing. 

You should also make you're logged into the site you're buying from ahead of time, just to be safe. 

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iPhone X Pre-Order Tips is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile.

IDC Analyst: Huawei Could Overtake Apple This Year in Smartphone Market Share

Huawei has gone from strength to strength in the preceding few years. Although the manufacturer has minimal presence in the US smartphone market, the EMEA and Asian markets have proven to be receptive to Huawei smartphones. The manufacturer also owns an sub-brand, Honor, which sells phones solely online at lower prices. In India, Honor is one of the leading manufacturers in the affordable flagship space, along with OnePlus.

While there was a time when it seemed Huawei was struggling to find a foothold in the early years of Android, but that time has passed. Since 2014 they have come on a long way, to the point where IDC data shows that Huawei sold 38.5 million smartphones in Q2 2017. This results in Huawei having captured 11.3% of worldwide smartphone market share, closely behind Apple which had 12% market share and sold 41 million smartphones in the same period.

Now, it seems Apple is in danger of being demoted to third place. In a TV interview with CNBC last week, Francisco Jeronimo, research director for European mobile devices at IDC, said that Huawei could probably overtake Apple in smartphone market share. This event could happen either later this year or next year, according to the IDC research director.

He went on to say that this speed of growth was a huge worry for Samsung, because of Huawei’s intended goal to become number one in the smartphone market. Due to Huawei’s good performance in the unit sales of flagship smartphones, monetary value is increasing because of increasing flagship prices.

According to Mr. Jeronimo, one reason why Huawei can challenge Samsung and Apple is because of its focus on AI. The SoC in the newly announced Mate 10, the Kirin 970, has a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit), which is the first of its kind in the Android world and is said to be twice as fast as compared to Apple’s Neural Engine in the A11 SoC. If new use cases which can benefit from having on-device AI are found, then Huawei is in an ideal position to benefit. The manufacturer already enjoys vertical integration of its processing components; developments in AI applications could lead to a long-term competitive edge in performance.

The speed of growth is actually higher than even what Huawei intended, as the manufacturer said in February 2016 that it intended to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in terms of smartphone market share within three years, and aimed to be the largest smartphone manufacturer within five years.

The reasons for Huawei’s growth are well-known to smartphone enthusiasts. Huawei has, like Samsung and unlike Apple, launched smartphones within a wide range of prices, partially thanks to the use of the online Honor brand. The Mate series and the flagship P series are finding success in European as well as Chinese markets, while Honor flagships like the Honor 8 Pro are selling well in India.

Source: CNBC