[Opinion] Let’s face it: Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro was always doomed in the US

Huawei had the wind at their back and was planning a coup d’état of the US smartphone market with the Mate 10 Pro. It’s an excellent device, and AT&T was willing to work with the global manufacturer to strike a deal to officially bring the phone to one of the nation’s largest networks. It was the […]

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The US Government reportedly pressuring AT&T to end ties with Huawei

2018 was supposed to be Huawei’s “coming out party” as the company looked to finally enter the US market, and expand on its successes as it currently sits as the third biggest OEM behind Samsung and Apple. However, those plans have all but been demolished after AT&T backed out of a deal to make Huawei smartphones more accessible to those in the US.

The initial reports claimed that AT&T was getting a lot of pressure and push back from the US government over privacy concerns, and a new report from Reuters is suggesting that AT&T is getting even more pressure to cut all ties with Huawei.

While on the front this may seem a bit unorthodox and pointless, but when you look at who AT&T is working with to expand its 5G network capabilities, the picture becomes a bit more clear. Huawei and AT&T have been working together on building AT&T’s infrastructure for the upcoming push to a world with 5G networks, but the US government is concerned about National security consequences due to Huawei being based in China.

The consequences for AT&T listening to the government and backing down from its partnership with Huawei is two-fold. First, the company could experience issues when attempting to work with the US government in the future, as well as slowing down the development of a 5G network. With Verizon and T-Mobile already working on bringing their own 5G networks into the fold, this move could really damage AT&T as the company would have to look elsewhere to build its infrastructure.

I get it. The US government doesn’t want the Chinese spying on the US citizens, but the issue is that Huawei devices are currently offered on 45 of the 50 largest carriers across the WORLD. The company has become a trusted brand across almost every market (except for the US), and the company is making strides to continue offering great devices to keep up with the competition.

Let us know what you think about this latest report and what you think AT&T should do regarding the predicament between Huawei and the US government.

Breakdown between Huawei and AT&T result of U.S. lawmaker pressure

One announcement that many people expected to occur at CES 2018 last week was going to be the availability of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the U.S. market via AT&T. In a big surprise, that announcement was scuttled the day before CES 2018 opened. Huawei was able to salvage the Mate 10 Pro launch […]

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U.S. government reportedly wants AT&T to cut all ties with Huawei

Huawei was planning on finally making its big carrier debut in the United States this year, but at the last minute AT&T pulled out of talks and Huawei was forced to announce the Mate 10 Pro without a U.S. carrier partner and launch it as an unlocked device instead.

It was rumored at the time that AT&T removed itself from talks with Huawei due to pressure from certain federal regulators, and a report from Reuters appears to confirm that is indeed the case. Now the U.S. government is reportedly trying to get AT&T to sever all of its ties with Huawei.

AT&T is working with Huawei in at least two different areas, the first of which is on standards for AT&T’s planned 5G network. The government also wants Cricket, an AT&T subsidiary, to stop selling Huawei-branded smartphones.

In related news, a pair of U.S. Representatives recently introduced a bill that would effectively bar the U.S. government from using Huawei or ZTE smartphones at all and from contracting work from either company.

Huawei has been trying to gain traction in the U.S. smartphone market for years, but it looks like it still has a gigantic hill to climb before it can even get into conversations about competing with companies like Samsung or HTC in that market.

AT&T Reportedly Calls Off Deal with Huawei to Sell Phones in the US

Huawei, the third-largest phone manufacturer on the planet, has been trying for years to break into the US smartphone industry, but it hasn’t been easy — Apple and Samsung dominate the market with an estimated 70% combined share. The China-based company was said to be in talks to sell its latest flagship, the Mate 10, through AT&T, the country’s largest GSM carrier, but AT&T stepped back from the deal at the last second.

Huawei and AT&T’s partnership was reportedly going to be announced Tuesday during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, according to CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, and the carrier’s reasons for calling it off remain a mystery. Had it gone through, it would’ve marked Huawei’s first carrier partnership in the US and could’ve given the company’s smartphone lineup a major boost in visibility.

The breakdown of the deal means that the smartphone maker’s formal entrance into the US market — which was set for January — will likely be delayed indefinitely. It’s unclear if Huawei will sell the Mate 10 unlocked online in the US, or whether it’ll enter talks with another US carrier.

Neither Huawei or AT&T have commented on the reports, but we’ll update this post with new details as they come.

Source: Wall Street Journal Via: CNBC