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OPPO Find X and F7 delisted from 3DMark for benchmark cheating

3dmark3DMark is a piece of benchmarking software initially developed by Futuremark and acquired by a company now known as UL. UL was formally known as Underwriters Laboratories. They were solely a global safety consulting and certification company until they began acquiring companies like Futuremark. 3DMark is a piece of software that benchmarks all major devices that

Huawei P20, Huawei Nova 3, and Honor Play delisted from 3DMark for benchmark cheating

huawei notchBenchmarks have always been a popular way to measure the performance of hardware, both in the PC and mobile space. Benchmark cheating occurs when a device maker unfairly tries to game a benchmark by making the results score better than they actually are. Cheating can happen in any benchmark tests including those that measure the

DO Trust OnePlus 5T Benchmarks in Reviews

Earlier this year, we published a report where we found that a couple smartphone vendors, including OnePlus, had begun cheating on benchmarks. This came as a bit of a surprise, as there was a massive backlash in 2013 when smartphone vendors had previously attempted to cheat on benchmarks, and benchmark cheating had fallen to the

[UPDATED STATEMENT] Do NOT Trust OnePlus 5 Benchmarks in Reviews – How our Review Unit is Grossly Cheating at Benchmarks

Earlier this year, we published a report that denounced OnePlus (and other companies) for their improper behavior in regards to benchmark manipulation on newer builds of OxygenOS. Today, we sadly must follow-up on our accusations as the company has once more been inappropriately manipulating benchmark scores in the OnePlus 5. While no customers have a device