BlackBerry Motion heading to Canada November 10 for $599 CAD

TCL unveiled its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Motion, earlier this month. This is TCL’s first dust and water resistant BlackBerry phone  — it arrives with an IP67 rating — and, unlike more traditional BlackBerry handsets, it arrives without a physical keyboard.

The Motion is also seeing a limited rollout and won’t be sold in as many markets as the likes of the BlackBerry KeyONE (it hasn’t yet been announced for the US). However, a press release issued by TCL yesterday (via Android Central) has revealed that it will be heading to Canada in just nine days time.

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TCL says that the new handset is coming to Koodo, Bell, TELUS, and SaskTel, starting at $599 CAD (~$465 USD) outright or $99 on a two-year contract; check out the current list of plans from TCL below.

  • Bell: $99 CAD on a 2-year premium plan; $599.00 CAD outright
  • TELUS: $100 CAD on a 2-year premium plan; $605.00 CAD outright
  • Koodo: $100 CAD on a Tab Large plan; $605.00 CAD outright
  • SaskTel: $99 CAD on a 2-year premium plan; $599.99 CAD outright

This means that the Motion undercuts the current KeyONE price by 100 bucks or so, and even provides the better specs. It’s essentially the same as the KeyONE except it comes with a larger display at 5.5 inches compared to 4.5 inches, bigger battery (4,000 mAh vs 3,505 mAh), an extra gigabyte of RAM (4 GB vs 3 GB on the base KeyONE model) and water-resistance. It’s even said to have a stronger, nano-diamond display protection.

It lacks the KeyOne’s QWERTY keyboard, dual-sim tray and possibly FM radio — I’m not sure if TCL has confirmed the radio in the Motion, yet — but many people prefer touchscreen phones anyway.

All told, it looks like it could be a smart product release from TCL, it’s just a shame it might not reach many markets. Take a look at the rest of the BlackBerry Motion’s specs and features at the link.

BlackBerry Motion arrives in Canada on November 10

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a BlackBerry-branded device that’s all touchscreen, it arrives in Canada next month.

The BlackBerry Motion will launch in Canada on November 10. Canadian wireless carriers SaskTel and Bell will be offering the handset for $99 CAD on a two-year premium plan. Koodo, meanwhile, has the Motion priced at $100 CAD on a Tab large plan.

It will cost $599.00 CAD at Bell, $599.99 CAD at SaskTel, and $605.00 CAD at Telus and Koodo if you prefer to pay outright.

As far as features go, the BlackBerry Motion offers a 5.5-inch 1080p HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in storage, and a microSD card slot for expandable storage. The battery measures in at 4000mAh, there’s a USB Type-C port, and a fingerprint reader below the display. There’s a 12-megapixel camera on the back and an 8-megapixel front-facing shooter on the other side. The Motion is running Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box.

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BlackBerry Signs a Patent License Agreement with BLU Products

With BlackBerry no longer designing and selling their own smartphones, the company has been looking to leverage their assets in other ways. The company posted some impressive financial results recently thanks to their new focus on enterprise software and they’re still involved in the smartphone market. One such way is with the vast number of patents they own and they have just announced a new patent license agreement with BLU Products.

BlackBerry has been working with various smartphone OEMs in a number of ways. They recently announced a new software program that makes it easier for OEMs to license their Android ROM, called BlackBerry Secure, and they’re working on other software platforms for Android and iOS as well. The company’s partnership with TCL just enabled them to launch the BlackBerry Motion so all of this work has allowed the brand name to live on in the smartphone market.

They do a lot of business behind the scenes too, as mentioned with the number of patents they currently own. Companies have a choice to either pay for individual licenses for each patented technology they use with their smartphone, or they can do a package deal. Sometimes companies ignore patents and they are generally able to get away with this for a certain period of time. Once word gets around though, the one who owns the patents generally file a lawsuit for punitive damages.

This is what had happened with BlackBerry and BLU and now it has been settled thanks to this patent license agreement between the two companies. This agreement will result in settlement of current patent litigation between both BlackBerry and BLU as well as a withdrawal of pending actions in the United States. From here on out, BLU will continue to pay BlackBerry for the patents they had been using and will continue to use in their smartphones.

Source: Marketwired

BlackBerry Motion Announced at GITEX Technology Week, A Midrange Device from BlackBerry

BlackBerry, ever since being acquired by TCL Communications have been releasing Android phones again, first the BlackBerry Priv, then the BlackBerry KEYOne. Only recently did a leaked render image of TCL & BlackBerry’s new mid-range BlackBerry Motion surface, courtesy of Evan Blass appear. BlackBerry have now announced the BlackBerry Motion officially at GITEX in Dubai. Being a full touchscreen device from BlackBerry, it’s a newer adventure for the company after the KEYOne and Priv. First things first, the device will be launching in the UAE and Saudi Arabia at a price of Dh1,699 and 1,699 Riyal respectively. This is around $460. The device will come to other selected markets in the coming months.

BlackBerry Motion

The device will be rocking a Snapdragon 625, with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 4GB RAM, a 4000 mAh battery and USB Type C. With the largest battery that BlackBerry has ever put in a phone comes QuickCharge 3.0, meaning the device will charge to 50% in roughly 40 minutes. If that massive battery coupled with the extremely power efficient SoC does not have you excited yet, it also comes with a 3.5mm jack so that you can listen to your music through, well, normal means. What’s more, a few pictures have already been released of the device, both from leaked renders and the official BlackBerry Mobile Twitter. The device is also protected by an IP67 rating for dust and water, meaning full dust protection and up to half an hour up to 1-meter water submersion. An update to Android Oreo is promised in the New Year, and monthly security updates are promised. It is, however, odd that BlackBerry are launching a device with an already year old SoC, but hopefully, it will not impact the ability for BlackBerry to provide software updates.

The device also features a multitude of BlackBerry-only features, including a suite of security services which the company has come to be known for over the years.

New Features with the BlackBerry Motion

Locker Mode – A BlackBerry Motion Exclusive Feature

The device will be launching with a brand new feature called Locker Mode, for enhanced security and peace of mind. Locker mode allows you to store documents and photos to a location on your device which can only be shown with a passcode or fingerprint. Photos can be taken and saved directly to this folder.

Convenience Key on the BlackBerry Motion

The convenience key is an interesting new development by BlackBerry for this device. A customisable button on the side of the phone, it can have four customisable profiles which can be triggered by certain events. These include connecting to certain Wi-Fi networks, in-car Bluetooth, meetings synced to BlackBerry Hub or commonly used apps.

Dual SIM Cards

This device is the first BlackBerry phone to support dual SIM cards in the middle east, and only the second BlackBerry device to support it at all. This is convenient for those in markets which may require two SIM cards, which the middle eastern market is.

Availability of the BlackBerry Motion

The product will be distributed by Axiom Telecom in the Middle East, and also be available from Etisalat. It can also be pre-ordered from all leading retailers.

This product looks great, with a massive battery coupled with an efficient but powerful SoC, it may be worth attempting to import if band support allows it. We’ll be keeping an eye out for a worldwide release!

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