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Datally can disable data usage while you sleep, save data for emergencies

datally data googleSmartphones have assuredly brought massive convenience to our daily lives. There really is no debating that point. However, with that convenience, there have been a couple of pain points. One of these issues is battery life, which Google has been working on fixing. The other is trying to maintain control of how much mobile data our devices

Google Chrome on Android to disable JavaScript automatically on 2G connections

chrome os android apps chromebooksGoogle Chrome is a popular browser on all platforms, in fact, it’s the most popular on several of them. It comes built-into Android, which makes it even more widely-used. Google is always hard at work making sure that their browser is accessible to everyone with the latest improvements in efficiency and reliability. They have rolled

Datally gets 4 new data saving tools including “Guest Mode” and daily limits

Google launched Datally, an app for saving and control mobile data, in November of last year. The application helps you track your mobile data, control which apps use it, and find high-quality Wi-Fi networks. It uses VPN service to restrict mobile data usage. According to Google, an average user saves 21% of data by using this