Evan Blass: Android O Scheduled for the Week of 8/21, Likely on August 21

Google’s newest version of Android – dubbed Android O for now – is due to launch the week of the 21st of August (likely the 21st of August) according to a leak from Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks. Other sources had floated the same date, and Evan Blass’ statement further strengthens our trust in the rumor.

This comes after four developer previews, the last of which was released only two weeks ago. With this will come many new features and optimizations, including better security, project treble, improved app performance and boot times and many other general improvements. We do not have a name for the update yet, though some people speculate the release will be named Android “Oreo”, in which case there may be additional preparations needed before the name is released. The last time Google held a partnership with a company for the name of the newest Android version was Android KitKat. That involved a promotional KitKat bar, a massive KitKat Android bar erected outside of Google HQ and competitions. Something similar may be planned if the name is indeed “Oreo”.

However, the lack of leaks in any way could suggest a lack of a promotional themed launch as well. A month before KitKat came out, we already knew the name of the release and knew of the existence of promotional chocolate bars. If “Oreo” is the name, then Google has run a very tight ship.

The update will first come to Google’s major flagship devices. These are the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Google Pixel C and of course the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. The update will then come out eventually on other devices, such as the OnePlus 3/T, once OEMs get enough time to prepare an update with their features. We should also start seeing custom ROMs based on Android O not too long after launch. Hopefully we see many more devices added to this list!



Evan Blass Publishes Renders of Project Joan (LG V30), Features Slider Secondary Display

While we can’t wait for the OnePlus 5, the other companies work hard to surprise its users. Newest renders show what’s perhaps one of the most interesting-looking phones coming this year, courtesy of LG no less. @evleaks presented the LG V30 — the third smartphone of the V line, which is expected to be released in a few months.

The V series always brings something unique, with the two first devices of the series featuring a ticker display. The next generation of the LG uber-flagship will feature a slider secondary display. A picture is worth a thousand words, so please, take a look:

The LG V30 is internally called Project Joan. Its secondary screen has a slider mechanism similar to the one used in BlackBerry Priv, revealing a display instead of a keyboard. The screen will be fully interactive, and Evan Blass provided some usage scenarios as well.

We don’t know much about the project, and Mr. Blass notes the phone’s direction might have changed since these renders were created. The phone should be released in a few months, though, and we should (at the very least) expect something unique, again, for LG’s V line. If these renders are true and the concept hasn’t been scrapped, the LG V30 could be quite interesting.

What do you think about the LG V30? Do you like its design? Let us know in the comments!

Source: @evleaks

Amazon’s Touchscreen Echo Renders Leaked, Available In Two Colors

Amazon is apparently working on a touchscreen Echo device, which we first learned about thanks to a report from CNET. The rumors are starting to gain some credibility, as we now have a chance to see some alleged renders of the device.

Yesterday, AFTVnews leaked some rather low-quality images of a device they purport to be the touchscreen Amazon Echo. Later on that same day, Evan Blass, a famous leaker from VentureBeat, shared his own high resolution images of the same device. These images clearly show two things – the device will be available in two colors and will also have Alexa integration. Users will be able to issue voice commands to speak to Alexa as usual, but this time can see information on the device’s screen.

Black variant:

White variant:

Alexa is a voice-command service developed by Amazon. It’s a direct competitor to Google Assistant. Users will be able to check the news, a weather forecast, or play music using voice commands. The render suggests that some sort of the messaging application is kept in the top-right corner. It’s safe to assume that the touchscreen will add video playback support to Alexa.

The new Amazon Echo will also sport a camera at the top, so there is a big chance that the device will offer video calls. The camera can also be utilized as a selfie shooter, we presume. We don’t have any details about the hardware components used in the device as of yet.

There is no mention of the release date, but these seemingly accurate renders may suggest that the unveiling is near.

Source: @evleaks